titanium travertine side table plinth


Elegant titanium travertine plinth design
One of a kind with unique stone structure
Versatile combination with Metropolis cube


Metropolis –  the big city

In the pulsating metropolises of the world, architecture is modern and innovative. Following this tradition, our “Metropolis” series of tables and wall shelves embodies a modern and timeless design while serving as a serene foundation for your individual living space design.

A contemporary masterpiece in design and functionality, the “Metropolis” series consists of cubes, plinths and wall shelves crafted from high quality stone and stainless steel. These side tables add a touch of luxury to any space and stand out for their versatility in use and styling.

You can showcase the different sized cubes, plinths and wall shelves individually or combined in different sizes. With different materials like smooth marble, shiny onyx, rough travertine or brushed stainless steel you can create an upscale and unique style. Style the cubes and plinths with our Cupola marble vase, use Custos coasters to create elegant coffee table arrangements, place stylish lights or sculptures, or complement them perfectly with Initium and Fluctus trays. The Atrium Center Pieces fit seamlessly with the Metropolis Plinths and offer a luxurious complement of two different materials.

The “Metropolis” series allows you to let your creativity flow and decorate your space with a touch of urban elegance and timeless beauty.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Titanium Travertine


Our products are equipped with rubber feet which provide a secure base while protecting your surfaces, Our products are handmade, so there may be slight variations from the image.

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