fluctus tray
brown marble


Elegant marble tray for distinctive aesthetics
Each tray is one-of-a-kind with unique structure
Versatile use as decor element


Fluctus – The Wave

Are you tired of cluttered counters and disorganized spaces? Look no further than our Fluctus brown marble tray and catchall! 

This brown marble tray is an elegant and functional accessory that adds a distinctive aesthetic to your home decor. Sanded by hand from a solid block of marble, it is a durable resilient statement piece with a distinct design language. The unique structure and texture of the material make each tray one of a kind, creating a special atmosphere anywhere in the home.

This catchall acts as an essential decor element on its own, while also being versatile for styling and organizing. Collect your keys, wallets and jewelry, showcase candles or our Fumus Incense Burner, or use it as an exquisite base for vases, carafes or our Custos marble coasters.

Don’t settle for ordinary – upgrade to Fluctus and ride the wave into a stylish oasis!

Additional information

Weight 1,7 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm

Brown Marble


Our products are equipped with rubber feet which provide a secure base while protecting your surfaces, Each product is unique in its rock structure and may differ from the picture. For more information, please see our FAQs

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