[a feast on the roots of design]

Welcome to aesthevore, where contemporary design meets exceptional materials to elevate your home.

Our founder, Christoph Knopf, has gained recognition through his interior design Instagram account @chrisfluence. With aesthevore, he has set out to create an everlasting collection of handcrafted home accessories that exude timeless elegance and luxury, and add value to your living spaces and beyond.

Our collection includes a range of unique natural stone and steel decor and furniture, crafted by hand from high-quality materials with utmost care and attention to detail. Each one-of-a-kind piece is aesthetically pleasing yet also durable and functional, making it a statement piece in any interior.

At aesthevore, we believe that the aesthetics of a space are a crucial factor in the well-being of its inhabitants.

Our modern home decor supports you to create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere that you will love.

At aesthevore, we are passionate about the heritage of design and the art of elevating the place you call your home. Our name “aesthevore” is being pronounced “es-te-vo-re” which comes from the combination of the words “aesthetic” and “vore.” 

“Aesthetic” refers to the study of beauty, taste, and art, while “vore” comes from the Latin word “vorare,” which means to devour or absorb something. 

We believe that our name represents our ethos – we want to help you fulfill your desires for beautiful design and outstanding quality culminating in an unparalleled aesthetic for your home.

Design is like good food, and at aesthevore, you are invited to join our feast on the roots of design.

Let’s celebrate together while we continue serving you finest contemporary home decor.

Indulge in the art of elevated interiors and satisfy your cravings with our premium selection!

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